Terms & Condition

Payment modes

  1. Cash, cheque, or credit card. Credit Card transactions must be straight payment. If installment, will be subject to interest charged by the credit card company.
  2. One-time equipment rental fees must be paid in cash.


Other Discounts

  1. Corporate, senior citizen and student discounts are computed using the regular prices.
  2. Only one discount can be applied at any time.



  1. Barkada class-card packages is valid for one (1) year from date of first use.
  2. Class-card packages (min. of 10 classes) is valid for three (3) months from date of first use.
  3. Monthly unlimited package is valid for one (1) month from date of first use.
  4. First-timer Special is valid for seven (7) consecutive days from date of first use.
  5. Unused classes will be forfeited when package expires.
  6. Any package cannot be extended beyond the expiry date for any reason including medical, pregnancy, change in work assignment
  7. Package cannot be sold, transferred or converted to cash.



  1. Barkada class-card packages can be shared by a maximum of ten (10) individuals.
  2. All other packages is for use of one (1) individual only and cannot be shared.