Why Yoga


Okay. The long and short of why you should practice yoga is this: It will make you realize how amazing you already are. If that’s enough, wait no more and sign up for a class today.

Still not convinced? Not to worry. Here are 60 more reasons why you should practice yoga!

  1. Yoga provides you with mini-breaks from your busy (maybe even stressful) life.
  2. Yoga empowers you to start doing things on your own, for yourself, without anyone else’s approval.
  3. Yoga teaches you to connect with the gift that is your breath. Breathe in, accept love. Breathe out, release fear.
  4. Yoga improves your relationships with those around you.You are kinder when you are happier.
  5. Yoga helps build your stamina for all kinds of physical activities. Yup, all kinds.
  6. Yoga increases your flexibility. A complement to #5.
  7. Yoga tones your muscles. We do not promise that you will look like the cover of a magazine (newsflash: those are edited), but you will look like the best version of you!
  8. Yoga teaches you to quiet your overthinking, overanalyzing, over-<fill in the blank> mind.
  9. Yoga makes you one step closer to achieving your acrobatic goals.
  10. Yoga makes you realize that you don’t really need to have yoga goals.
  11. Yoga increases your strength (to carry shopping bags, if you wish).
  12. Yoga improves our balance (so you can prep up for those surfing lessons)!
  13. Yoga reduces aches and pains in the body (to travel more).
  14. Yoga is like a self-massage, except you don’t need a masseuse to feel that good.
  15. Yoga makes you release old stuff from your past. You’ve got to let it go sometime.
  16. Yoga gives you better quality sleep. Feel rested whenever you get to rest!
  17. Yoga heals injuries of the body.
  18. Yoga heals injuries of the heart.
  19. Yoga lets you cry if you need to.
  20. Yoga lets you laugh if you need to.
  21. Yoga allows you to express yourself. You know that saying-- do yoga like no one’s watching-- except your teacher for correct alignment, that is!
  22. Yoga helps you feel more centered throughout the day.
  23. Yoga trains your mind to focus on one thing at a time.
  24. Yoga balances out-of-whack hormones.
  25. Yoga develops your courage to try and try and try.
  26. Yoga eases health problems like high blood pressure, so you can live your best life!
  27. Yoga improves your posture so you can stand tall and be proud.
  28. Yoga detoxifies your body, so you can feel rejuvenated.
  29. Yoga helps you discover your own quirky weirdness (or weird quirkiness).
  30. Yoga is anti-aging. It’s not a vampire thing. It’s a yoga thing.
  31. Yoga elevates your mood, so you can have a more positive outlook despite life’s occasional roadblocks.
  32. Yoga strengthens your immune system so you are not held back by the inconvenience of regular coughs and colds.
  33. Yoga teaches you body awareness and makes you more comfortable in your own skin.
  34. Yoga makes you realize that perfection is not necessary.
  35. Yoga makes you realize that perfection is overrated.
  36. Yoga gives you a new perspective—we can work with each other; not against each other.
  37. Yoga helps you weather the storms in life with grace. Because, let’s face it, life throws us all sorts of stuff, but we have a choice as to how to get through it.
  38. Yoga promotes forgiveness towards yourself. Guilt is a burden you can unload, you know!
  39. Yoga helps you overcome your fears, one pose (or inversion) at a time.
  40. Yoga brings more awareness to how you feed your body so you can eat better for yourself and for the world you live in.
  41. Yoga lowers cortisol levels to keep you free from stress.
  42. Yoga is there for you when you need it.
  43. Yoga includes adult nap time (i.e. savasana).
  44. Yoga is basically legitimate play time.
  45. Yoga makes you feel the connection between yourself and those around you.
  46. Yoga helps ease back pain.
  47. Yoga reduces the need for some medications.
  48. Yoga lowers blood pressure levels.
  49. Yoga improves your ability to sit still and stay still.
  50. Yoga eases the urge of wanting to scream at everyone when you’re stuck in EDSA traffic.
  51. Yoga gives you a filter in which to see things clearly.
  52. Yoga massages your internal organs, which improves your body’s ability to fight off disease.
  53. Yoga gives you permission to surrender and let go.
  54. Yoga teaches you the tools to heal the parts of yourself you think are broken.
  55. Yoga develops a healthy spine—and you are as young as the health of your spine.
  56. Yoga helps you radiate beauty from the inside out.
  57. Yoga improves your blood circulation.
  58. Yoga builds your confidence, so you don’t have to pretend to be someone else or try to be somebody else. You can be confidently you.
  59. Yoga tones down hostility and temper issues as your mind and body learn to relax.
  60. Yoga makes you happy. And this, at the end of it all, is what really matters.

Ready to experience all 60 benefits in a 60-minute yoga class?

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