Pre-Class Checklist

Are you a yoga virgin? This checklist will help you make the most out of your first class at yoga+express!


Drink enough water to stay hydrated.


Bring clothes fit for yoga. That would be shorts or crops and tank top or sports bra for women and shorts and collarless shirt for men. Avoid see-through fabrics and loose bottoms if you want to keep your private parts, well, private.


Bring a water bottle so you can subtly strike a conversation with your yoga crush by the water refilling station. (And of course, you need your water bottle to drink water.)


Bring your own yoga mat and towels, or bring some money so you can rent them for a small fee.


Find a spot by the middle of the class so you can see everything that is going on.


Approach your yoga teacher after class for any questions you have or just to share how you survived your first yoga class!


Try all styles of yoga. As you get to know yoga more, you also get to know yourself more!


Come on an empty stomach. That means your last meal should be around 3 hours before class starts.


Bring a padlock to tuck away your belongings safely.


Bring a clothing bag to pack your sweaty yoga clothes.


Arrive 20 minutes before class begins so the teacher can give you a proper orientation on what to do and what not to do. Safety first!


Remember that this is your first yoga practice, so be kind to yourself. Rest when you need to.


Take your second class within the next 2 days so you can keep the yoga vibe going.

Which Class Should I Start With?